Baby Gear

Full Size Crib Mattress

6" Full Sized firm foam mattress comes with cribs-Hypoallergenic, antibacterial cover

Metal Baby Cribs

Full sized metal baby cribs $80.00/week; $25.00/night (2 day minimum)

Wooden Baby Cribs

Full sized wooden baby cribs $80.00/week; $25.00/night (2 day minimum)

Play Pen

Play Pen 38X38X28 $50 per week

Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor $30 per week

3 in 1 Booster Seat

Baby High Chairs 3 in 1 $45.00 per week

3 in 1 Booster & Table

Baby High Chairs 3 in 1 $45.00 per week

3 in 1 Booster, Table & High Chair

Baby High Chairs 3 in 1 $45.00 per week

Adjustable High Chair

Adjustable High Chair $45 per week

Adjustable High Chair

Adjustable High Chair $45 per week

Baby Swing

Baby Swing $45 per week

Baby Swing

Baby Swing $45 per week

Baby Walker

Baby Walker $30 per week

Baby Jogger

Baby Jogger Available for rental $50 per week

Baby Strollers

Single Strollers $45 per week
Double Strollers $45 per week

Baby Gates

Baby Gates
$30 per week

Booster Seat

Booster Seat side view
$20.00 per week

Baby Gear for your Oak Island, NC Vacation

Having a little one while traveling can be overwhelming enough, but lugging everything you're going to need around just adds to the stress. Sharon's Linens & Beach Rentals has all the baby gear you need to have a fun and enjoyable vacation! From high chairs and baby gates to pack and plays and more, don't worry about trying to fit everything into your car - we have it all!

Vacations should be relaxing, and as a family owned business, we understand the struggles that can come with traveling as a family. We want to help you achieve vacation bliss by offering all the little extras to make your beach rental feel like home. If you are in the Oak Island, NC area and need baby gear, call Sharon's Linens & Beach Rentals!

Baby Cribs

We have full sized baby cribs for rent so you don't need to bring those small travel cribs with you on vacation. Portable cribs are fine in a pinch, but why not let your baby have the room to move and enjoy a full sized baby crib instead?

High Chairs

Keep your baby safe and happy on your vacation with a quality high chair available for rent

Booster Seats

Young ones love to be part of the action at the dining table. Booster seats let them be safe and keeps the floor (relatively) clean while they eat alone with the family!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Cribs are to be left on first floor - Mattress pads stay on beds (owners property)

Browse the Selection at Sharon's Linens & Beach Rentals

  • Full-size Crib - $80/week; $25.00/night 2-NIGHT Minimum
  • Baby Jogger - $50.00
  • High Chairs - $45.00
  • Baby Gate - $30.00
  • Booster Seat - $20.00
  • Pack and Play - $40.00
  • Pack and Play (Play Yard) 38.5" x 38.5"28" High - $50.00
  • High Chairs - Regular or 3 in 1 - $45.00

*All prices are weekly rentals unless noted. All prices are subject to change.